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Irene Adler - Ice Bucket Challenge

Was tagged by a friend, did it in cosplay. Sorry I’m not super in character *sigh*


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Classified’s (Benedict’s) growling

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Erm… This shouldn’t be sexy but it is.

Anonymous wondered,
"Are the people in the Sherlock fandom nice?:o"


Although, it really depends on the circle you run in. Sometimes, they can get rabid in a bad way. Or in a really offensive way. Or a really annoying way.

You know, like real people. ;)

FEM!DOCTORS, 1-12 (minus two, 6th Doctor and War Doctor) presented at NexCon 2014! Filipino Cosplay woo

(First two photos not mine)

Apparently the Doctors, when all together, are a bit mad. Mad men and women with a box…girl….box. Also they like selfies. We almost HAD everyone, but our War doctor and our 6th Doctor weren’t able to go :( BUT almost all! Woo!

NexCon Fem!Ninth Doctor shenanigans- ahem, cosplay. Meeting myself- both another female doctor, reapers didn’t make an appearance, good…good… And then my guy self. And then other… Characters… I may be in the wrong Universe again….


Irene Adler Cosplay. More pics to come xD

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